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We all want to know what
we're paying for –

Without the "Hard Sell"

How We Engage With Prospective Clients:


30 minute intro to cover immediate concerns and discuss how we can help. Book here

Discovery Meeting

60-90 minutes to talk through your financial picture and lay the groundwork for a plan that aligns with your personal goals. Ultimately, this meeting is to make sure there is room for us to add value in your life and ensure a personal connection.

Get to Work

We combine the details from your financial life to formulate and recommend an action plan for TODAY and the years to follow.


We don't just provide recommendations, we help you take action. Whether that's sharing screens or doing a conference call to assist in the consolidation of your financial accounts - we're here to make sure you feel 100% confident in the actions we're taking to improve your financial life.

How We Work With Clients Going forward:

Meet 2x per year 

 We'll use these meetings to make continued progress towards the goals established in our initial meetings, update your goals if they've changed, and deal with any financial issues along the way.

Ad Hoc Meetings 

Life changes don’t always come in 6 month intervals, so whether it's buying a house or navigating a career change, we're available any time to help you through major financial decisions.

Behind the Scenes 

We work throughout the year to implement your investment strategy, manage equity compensation, and coordinate key action items.

How Do We Get Compensated:

We are a fee only advisor, that means what we tell you we are going to get paid is actually what we receive - no hidden commissions from the sale of insurance or investment products.

Our fees are separated into two categories:


Financial Planning


Investment Management

This structure allows us to work without investment or net worth minimums.

Financial Planning Fee

Our Financial Planning Fee structure attempts to account for the complexity of clients' needs, with an annual fee ranging from $1,500 to $12,500 based on the anticipated time and expertise required from Exhale Wealth Management. Our base Financial Planning Fee groups clients into four categories outlined below.

Early-stage Career: Single $3,000 / Couple $4,500

Mid-stage Career: Single $5,000 / Couple $6,500

Late Career: Single $7,000 / Couple $8,500

Pre-retiree / Retiree: Single $9,000 / Couple $10,500

Add $1,000 to this cost if any of the following apply (per person):

Receive stock compensation (RSUs, ISOs, etc)

Business Owner

Investment Management  Fee

Consistent with our flat-fee approach to financial planning, we charge a flat $1,000 fee per household for investment management. Exhale Wealth Management does not receive additional compensation based on the amount of assets under management.